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Rebecca Kanugh, Life Coach in Amery, WI

Rebecca Kanugh started her professional career in aircraft maintenance and has an Aeronautics and Management Degree. Over her career, she has held many leadership positions, and always thought she'd spend her life working in the industry.

The Winds of Change

After hiring her own personal development coach, however, she found her passion. This new direction opened up a world of possibilities and has allowed her to create an amazing life that reflects her values and desires, and she credits it with making her a better wife and mother. Today, she's passionate about helping others create the life they want personally and professionally as a life coach in Amery, WI.

Is Coaching Right for You?

If you're still here, you might be wondering whether or not hiring a life coach is the right option for you. Rebecca understands and is happy to gift you an hour of her time for a complimentary consultation. This consultation will allow you to discuss what you are looking for and learn more about professional development coaching to see if it might help you. Simply contact her today and see what she has to offer.

Rebecca Kanugh, Life Coach in Amery, WI